WOLF Bristle Brush Performance Description

The advantages of abrasive bristle brushes:
1. conform-ability the concave-convex and irregular workpiece, and finish polishing at one time;
2. The size of the brush and abrasive sands size, the thickness of the disc can be selected as needed, which is flexible and convenient;
3. With rich elasticity, it has 360 degree polishing function and consistent polishing effect;
4. Elastic polishing can prevent excessive abrasion or scratches, and won’t damage the original size of workpieces;
5. Good polishing effect, high efficiency, low heat, lasting and stable polishing quality.




Assemble of abrasive bristle brushes
1. Assemble the WOLF bristle disc on the shaft;

2. Get WOLF standard bristle brush used for assembling;

3. Get the bristle brush made by the brush factory.


Before work starting, the brush should be fixed firmly to prevent it from being thrown off, and the operator should wear protective gloves, dust masks and goggles.



Tips for use:

1. Large size and coarse sands can improve the processing efficiency;

2. 10-30 degrees swing angle is suggested when using the brush;

3. Appropriate depth and speed will form appropriate friction;

4. High rotation speed is conducive to removing dirt, while super-high speed will increase the risk of discs breakage.

5. The speed should be reduced to prevent rupture if the unevenness is too deep;

6. High-speed rotation makes the bristles expand, so the polishing area will be enlarged;

7. Excessive abrasion will be caused if the brush stays still for too long;

8. Necessary cooling measures should be taken;

9. Regularly inspection of the workpiece quality and adjustment of the working conditions are needed;

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