Product Concept of WOLF abrsasive bristle Brush

Combined with the technical experience of WOLF abrasive nylon filaments, after 2 years of research & development, WOLF abrasive bristle discs and brushes now are available on the market.


Abrasive grits are randomly distributed on the bristles of WOLF abrasive discs, ensuring a 360-degree polishing function. The abrasive bristle brushes are highly elastic and conform-ability, thus suitable for cleaning and polishing grooves, curved surfaces, narrow positions, connection positions, etc., so as to do surface treatment such as polishing, cleaning, deburring, removal of rust, oxide layer, and attachment, etc.



The abrasive bristle brush is comparable and similar to the non-woven grinding wheel, cloth wheel, and abrasive cloth strip brush. WOLF bristle discs do not hide chips or block, thus showing constant grinding force, lasting and stable polishing performance. Trial and adjustment for conditions should always be adopted to verify results and costs after the initial selection.

WOLF abrasive bristle brushes are suitable for light or thin layer cleaning and polishing. Elastic polishing can prevent excessive abrasion or scratching of workpieces, and will not damage the original size. The WOLF bristle brush applies relatively light pressure and cannot remove fixed hard large burrs. It can be used in combination with abrasive nylon filament brushes and steel wire brushes.

Suggested sales model: ①Distribute WOLF abrasive bristle discs; ②Distribute WOLF standard bristle brushes; ③Customize bristle brushes for customers. Assist users to select and try the products so as to add a convenient and easy-to-use WOLF elastic polishing brush to their toolbox. 

Suggested sales: wire brush - abrasive wire brush - abrasive bristle polishing brush to form a brush solution of strong grinding - medium polishing - fine polishing.

WOLF pays attention to product characteristics and values, serves its customers with high-quality and affordable products, so as to realize its own economic and social value.

WOLF appreciates your trust. Let’s join our hands to create a better future!