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WOLF Stand Needle Brush

Typical composition: 30%-40% abrasive grit/aids, 60%-70% resin; Usage: cleaning, polishing, deburring, removal of rust and attachment; Property: elastic grinding, no damage to original size; consistent polishing performance…; Suitable for: polished sheets, smooth curved surfaces, perforated surfaces, etc...

With elastic resin as its carrier material, WOLF bristle disc is manufactured through injection molding technology loading 10-50% abrasive grit and grinding aids. The working part is upright needle-shaped bristles that contain ceramic abrasive grits. Abrasive grits are randomly distributed in the bristles, ensuring a 360-degree lapping and polishing function. It is suitable to do surface treatment such as polishing, cleaning, descaling, deburring, removal of rust and attachment for sheets, smooth curved surfaces, and perforated surface to achieve a smooth and clean surface effect.



With needle-shaped bristles as its working part, this type of brush is of high elasticity, loses no grit, and shows constant grinding performance and lasting and stable polishing function. It can avoid  any damage and excessive abrasion to original size, thus suitable for industrialized automatic precision polishing. It is suitable for grinding and polishing the surfaces of copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, gold, silver and other metals, as well as wood products. They can be widely applied to metal manufacturing, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, aerospace, and other industries.


Suggestions for selection

According to the surface conditions and processing requirements, select the appropriate size/grinding grain diameter/bristle thickness, and set reasonable working conditions,  such as: depth, pressure, speed, contact angle, cooling measures,  etc. Since polishing is the results of various forces and friction, trial should be conducted to verify and adjust to achieve the optimal performance.


Size of the brush

Large-sized brushes have a large working surface and can improve polishing efficiency. Small-sized brushes are suitable for small workpieces and local precision polishing.


Selection of grit size

Big grit discs can remove more at high speed, achieving a relatively rough surface. Small grit discs remove less, thus achieving a smoother and cleaner surface.


Regular products

For strong polishing: #36, #50, #80; for medium polishing: #80, #120, #220; for precise polishing: #400…


Limited Warranty

Due to the diversity and differences of applications, the company declares that it does not guarantee the applicability of the products. The quality guarantee is limited to ensuring that the quality of the supplied products is similar to the quality of the samples. Standard products can be replaced at charge inside China within 100 days after delivery.


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