WOLF Radial Bristle Disc /Brushes

Typical composition: 40%-20% abrasive grit, 60%-80% resin; Usage: cleaning, polishing, deburring, removal of rust, oxide layer, attachment… Advantages: polishing no damege to product size, high elasticity and conformability, consistent polishing effect…

WOLF Stand Needle Brush

Typical composition: 30%-40% abrasive grit/aids, 60%-70% resin; Usage: cleaning, polishing, deburring, removal of rust and attachment; Property: elastic grinding, no damage to original size; consistent polishing performance…; Suitable for: polished sheets, smooth curved surfaces, perforated surfaces, etc...

WOLF Abrasive Nylon Filaments

Typical ingredients: 30% abrasive sand+70% nylon; Application: manufacturing industrial grinding brush, cleaning brush, polishing brush Use of brush: grinding, polishing, cleaning, deburring, blunting, derusting, removing attachments Features: no loss of size, elastic grinding, wear resistance, consistent surface grinding effect Suitable for: polishing concave and convex surfaces, plates, connection positions, special-shaped workpiece surfaces, etc